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Taking the time to do it right saves the time of doing it over

TEKsystems - A premier technology staffing and services provider

TEKsystems® promises our customers reliable service commitment and the optimal technical expertise with each customer interaction. We also provide the same high level of customer service to our Technical Professionals, along with open communication during the recruitment and on-boarding phases.

Our skill in providing top-notch technology staffing services is matched only by our dedication and enthusiasm in offering premier customer service.

TEKsystems collaborates with Technical Professionals who are technologically proficient and able assimilate into any team-based work environment. We take care in enlisting those with strong character and ethical integrity and who share your values; we treat every work assignment with precision.

Our first step in satisfying the needs of our customers and Technical Professionals is to truly comprehend their needs and their specialties. TEKsystems provides technical staffing and services in variety of markets, but specialises in five primary sectors:

TEKsystems also has diverse industry specialisations so we can concentrate even further on the needs of all of our customers. Knowing your industry, your workforce, as well as your technical requirements is our business.

Technology Staffing and Services

Whether TEKsystems is providing a customer with one temporary contractor, bolstering an existing work team with multiple highly skilled technicians, or assuming all responsibility for the implementation of a complete project, it is our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers each time.

Our customers will receive the Technical Professionals they require, in whatever work arrangement meets their needs. That is our promise.

Our services include:

TEKsystems' Staffing Services - Get Technical Professionals with the exact skills you need immediately, whenever you need them. Our Successful Placement ProcessTM guarantees that we'll deliver expertly screened Technical Professionals, with the skills you demand, who'll be able to contribute to your organisation on day one.

TEKsystems' Team Services - TEKsystems assembles and watches over an entire project team, mixing the perfect blend of skills and personalities required to complete your project as specified, on time and within budget. As a single-source provider, we ensure rate consistency throughout your project.

TEKsystems' Component Services - Learn the benefits of turning to TEKsystems to manage and complete whole projects and components of larger ones. Our proven ability to manage turnkey technology projects allows you to be confident that you'll get the results you demand.

TEKsystems' Workforce Management Services - Simplify the facilitation, oversight and administration of all your temporary workers, while reducing costs with our Workforce Management Services. We combine the right Technical Professionals, team leaders, business processes and workforce management software applications to optimise the effectiveness of your labour force while reducing costs.

We're not satisfied unless you are satisfied

TEKsystems evaluates the performance of its Technical Professionals on how satisfied our customers are with their performance throughout their assignments, not just based on their technical expertise. Likewise, we want our Technical Professionals to enjoy their assignments while continuing to sharpen their technical skills.

That's why we take so many steps to make sure that our customers and our Technical Professionals are happy. For Technical Professionals, this means investing in education of the latest applications and technologies, offering competitive compensation and providing dynamic and challenging work opportunities. Learn more about the rewards of working with a technical staffing company.

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